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How to File a Claim

Since each situation requiring you to file a claim is unique, it is always best to contact us immediately for information, advice and instructions.

Here are a few general tips about filing claims:

1. Stop-render aid, call 911 or a doctor or ambulance if needed.
2. Notify the police, they will assist you in gathering valuable claim information. Ask the officer for a copy of the claim report.
3. Write down the names, drivers license numbers, phone numbers, and addresses of all persons involved and also the phone numbers and address of the witnesses.
4. Write down the circumstances of the claim (who,what,where,when,why).
5. Get the name of the insurance company (and agent if available) for any one else involved in the claim.
6. Don't accept offers to settle for payment on the spot and don't admit liability. You may be held responsible later for the same damages.
7. Most importantly, call your agent, as soon as possible!

We may refer you to a pre-approved repair facility, our Drive-In Claims service center, an expedited glass replacement company, or even arrange for towing or for a rental car for you while your car is being repaired (depending on your coverages, of course).

In case of catastrophe (earthquake, flood, hailstorm, tornado), special claims processing will take place.

When disaster strikes, you need information you can act on. That's why we have a three-stage contingency plan to meet our customers' needs.
1. Tap into the companies' employees and affiliated agents across the nation to speed customer claims.
2. Open special emergency claims centers in areas affected by disaster. Bringing aid into the neighborhoods most affected.
3. Provide access to immediate information and assistance via specially staffed 800 numbers assigned to the emergency.

We hope you never experience a catastrophe.
If such an event occurs, we hope it helps you feel safe to know we'll be there.

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